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Sallie Stone

CEO Hart International
Background/Previous Roles: Managing Director AKE Asia Pacific Producer - 60 Minutes, SBS, TVNZ

I decided to answer honestly. I don’t. I am constantly stressed and never shut off from work. I haven’t had a true holiday in about 15 years.

Retaining a sense of humanity and caring.

The usual. Achieving an outcome or perfecting a mission and having male colleagues be congratulated. Being called a bitch when conducting business; whereas a man would be a “tough negotiator”.

Solitary at times. Misrepresented at times.

Marie Colvin, Clare Hollingworth, Kate Webb – war correspondents. They risked their lives to report when advised they were not cut out for the task. All three broke stories men could not. They were at the top of their game irrespective of gender. They were also complicated, intelligent, emotionally charged, and driven women.

Be tough. Be prepared for harsh criticism. Don’t give people cause to find fault because you will be held to different standards.

I work in high threat environments like Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq. I have always been on the ground with staff I have hired and felt totally secure. It is back in Australia.

I am unsure as I have created my own roles and lead both this security company and the previous security company so have never looked for a promotion.


Don’t think about it. What gender is most represented in your industry is irrelevant to how you do your job and your professionalism.

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